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Founded in 2012 by Rob Kinkennon and Mary Gordon, CRG (Crossroads Research Group) are paranormal investigators covering multiple cities in Iowa and Illinois. Their team of two offers a fairly unique approach in the field as it allows the team to enter a location without coming off as invasive. In this way, Rob and Mary can acquire solid evidence without worrying about contamination from too many participants. CRG seeks to shed light on the activity, paranormal or otherwise, in a location by gathering evidence in the attempt to bring understanding and harmony to the souls of both the living and the departed. They conduct home investigations as well as investigations of public locations. Rob and Mary have worked with other groups and individuals in their community performing paranormal research. They are always open to help out their community. One of their more interesting home investigations occurred while working with a sister group (which is no longer in the field) from the area. During the investigation, they captured intriguing audio and video evidence of the paranormal. The team had multiple audio hits on the SB-7 Spirit Box which was running at 100 milliseconds in reverse. The home had a dark history of Satanism, vandalism, and multiple other events of note.


During the same investigation, they also experienced multiple EVPs. One of the most pivotal pieces of evidence was a video clip of a spirit orb in motion on one of the investigator’s night vision camera. As investigators, CRG are firm believers in debunking bugs, dust, and other natural causes to potential orbs. Included below is the video file which can be seen on their site as well as on the YouTube link below.

Another clip captured during the investigation demonstrates compelling evidence of the paranormal. Please bear in mind that the audio is not for all ears and includes explicit content. Audio Player **Explicit content: Please be advised. On another investigation they received a heartwarming response from the SB-7 spirit box where the voice of a female entity seems to say “I love you”.   For more visual evidence as well as their webisode of their Haunted Locations Project, please feel free to visit their YouTube channel at To view other investigations and general information visit CRG’s social media pages at, Twitter at, and our website at