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Location, Tickets & Parking

LOCATION:  All Ghost Tours meet on Duke of Gloucester Street, in front of the Kimball Theater, located at 424 W Duke of Gloucester St (Google Map) in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchant’s Square. We have no affiliation with the Kimball Theater, and you may not purchase tickets there.

WHEN:  8, 9, and 10PM. We recommend that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. Tours are held rain or shine!You may only attend tours for the day and time that you have reserved. If you need to make a change, please email us at contact@williamsburgghosts.com with your request. Rescheduling is not guaranteed and is subject to a small rebooking fee.

TICKETS:  Tickets for our Williamsburg ghost tour must be purchased in advance online.You can make your purchase online or in cash at Kilwins, near the tour location. We recommend making your reservation online, here, because if a purchase is not avaailable online, it means that tour is not happening, and you should not try to buy it anywhere else.

PARKING:  There are several parking lots and street parking available in the area around Kimball Theater. In the event that you cannot find parking, you may use the Prince George Parking Garage for $1/hr.

Ghost Tour of Williamsburg on Mobile App

If you don’t have the time to join us on a Ghost Tour of Williamsburg, don’t worry we have a special interactive treat for you. Download the interactive GPS guided ghost tour of Williamsburg exclusively on iTourMobile.com.

With the guided ghost tour of Williamsburg on the mobile app you get 55 minutes of audio across 25 locations. Just from experiencing the tour through your app you can feel as if you were already there. Don’t get stuck with taking a ghost tour on someone else’s schedule and don’t worry about being unable to meet the tour, but instead experience the ghost tour through the interactive GPS guided app like you’ve never experienced before.

On top of that, the Williamsburg ghost tour is only one of 20 ghost tours in cities across the United States. Imagine the deep lore you will learn about the haunted areas scattered across this country.

This is an opportunity that you can’t pass up if you are a fan of ghost tours and want to learn about what makes these places so susceptible to strange and unknown activity.

Want to take a ghost tour of Williamsburg from your phone, in an app that features one of 20 ghost tours in cities across the US? Don’t want to take a tour on someone else’s schedule? Download the interactive GPS guided ghost tour of Williamsburg exclusively on iTourMobile.com. Experience 25 locations with 55 minutes of audio that takes you through the streets of Williamsburg. Click below to download for $7.99.





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Book Now

Williamsburg Ghost Tour

(60 min) & Extended Tour (90 min) at 8PM & 9PM


Visit several haunted locations on this scary & fun one hour ghost tour through historically haunted areas of Williamsburg.  DISCOVER Colonial Williamsburg’s chilling history in the streets of Williamsburg. Discover its hidden past, and the hauntings that remain as a result, covering the Colonial era, Civil War, and more — “Literally the most hair-raising stop on our Williamsburg ghost tour.” Looking for more?  Add another 45 minutes at the end of your tour with an Extended ghost tour to six historic locations on the College of William and Mary Campus. Simply select the “Extended” option at checkout.

Time and Date: 8 PM and 9 PM nightly, please check booking calendar for availability
Duration & Distance:  Regular 8 PM and 9 PM Ghost Tours:60 minutes, 1 mile
Extended Tour: 90 to  120 minutes, 1.5 miles. Available on both 8PM and 9PM tours. The extended tour begins when the regular tour ends, and a dds an exclusive ghost tour of William and Mary and an additional six locations
Regular: $13, $10 (child)
Extended: $18, $15 (child)
Prices may vary by demand and season.
Meeting Location: In front of the Kimball Theater in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square, on Duke of Gloucester Street.

Regular: $13, $10 (child)
Extended: $18, $15 (child)
Prices may vary by demand and season.
Meeting Location: In front of the Kimball Theater in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square, on Duke of Gloucester Street.

10PM Ultimate Ghost Tour

EXCLUSIVE! A NEW LATE NIGHT GHOST TOUR IN WILLIAMSBURG covers EVERYTHING! The Ultimate ghost tour will guide you through the deserted streets of Colonial Williamsburg and College of William and Mary, with stops at 13 locations over 90 minutes, covering NEW STORIES not on our other ghost tours. Make sure to purchase the extended tour for a two hours of haunted locations.
This tour is not recommended for children under 12. Currently offered Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Time and Date:  10PM Tuesdays through Saturdays
Duration:  90 minutes, 1 mile;  Extended: 2hrs; 1.5 miles
Haunted Locations:  Approximately 12 for Ultimate; 18 for Ultimate-Extended
Price: $21 per person
The extended ghost tour add-on includes a tour to six locations at the College of William and Mary, and may be purchased at check-out for an additional $7 per person.
Prices may vary by demand and season.
Meeting Location: On Duke of Gloucester Street, in front of the Kimball Theater in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

We do not grant refunds, but we reserve the right to let customers reschedule their tours for better weather or to attend a tour on the next day if they are late, but this is not guaranteed. It is important that each group arrive to the start location on time. If you are late, you can try to catch us as we walk back across Kimball Theater 30-45 minutes into the tour, or you can try to find us at the campus of William and Mary. Because Ghost tours commonly get sold out and since seating is limited, it is important for each person to arrive at the date and time they choose.

In the event of inclement weather, we advise guests to plan ahead and bring an umbrella or poncho. However, in the event that we cancel a tour for whatever reason, we will grant a 100% discount.

Please note that it is customer’s responsibility to arrive to the correct tour location on time. Refunds will not be given for those that arrive late or cannot find the meeting location. We ocassionally reschedule customers on a case by case basis for a $10 rebooking fee.