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Based in Upstate New York, Ghost Hunters Extraordinaire investigate paranormal activity in their region, seeking answers and offering free sessions to those experiencing the supernatural. Their investigations have included private residences, businesses, and cemeteries with full permission from the owners. Throughout their many sessions, they have experienced and recorded undeniable evidence of the supernatural. The team experienced quite a number of strange encounters during an investigation at Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. Constructed in 1758 by the British, Fort Stanwix guarded a portage called Oneida Carrying Place during the French and Indian War. During their investigation of the fort, they heard doors slam shut and footsteps coming from the floors above. The team also visited the Oriskany Battlefield at night. Located on the south side of the Mohawk River southeast of Rome, NY, the Oriskany Battlefield was the location of one of the bloodiest engagements during the American Revolution. During the battle, the British and allied Native American tribes ambushed American troops marching to relieve a siege at the nearby Fort Stanwix. Almost 400 were killed during the battle. Extraordinaire Ghosts also investigated the Split Rock Quarry in Syracuse, NY. The former munitions factory exploded on July 2, 1918, killing at least 50 men and injuring others. Extraordinaire Ghost lead investigator, Ronald Andrus, spoke about his experience during the session: “We've been there quite a few times. I've provoked and will never do it again. I saw an illuminated mist behind me come from nowhere. I freaked and it flew off to my left and disappeared quickly. It reminded me of Ectoplasm.”
Extraordinaire Ghost also conducted an investigation of Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY. Although it later functioned as an asylum, the facility started out as a poorhouse dating back to 1826.

The former asylum remains open for tours. Visitors frequently report coming across a spirit called the “Gentle Giant”. At age 12,  parents left their young 12-year-old deformed boy at the asylum. Named Roy Crouse, he grew up tall, standing at 6'11'' with a size 26 shoe. In fact, the asylum’s current owner, Sharon Coyle, frequently visits the “Gentle Giant” whose spirit follows her around whenever she visits because he feels protected by her. The team has encountered a number of other ghosts in the asylum. The spirit of Nurse Emma roams the third floor. Raymond, the former groundskeeper and janitor who played Santa for the kids, also wanders the asylum. The spirit of children still lurk in the hallways of Rolling Hills. During investigations, the team captured the apparitions of young children. After zooming in on the photo with the clown on the wall, you can clearly see a apparition of a child in the crib.

The team has also picked up the sounds of a young girl named Elizabeth whistling using a voice recorder. Often, members of Extraordinaire Ghost will feel a tug on their pant legs when Elizabeth tries to get their attention. For more information about their services or to request an investigation, please visit the Extraordinaire Ghost website.