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Granbury, Texas has earned its reputation as one of the state’s most historic towns. Yet those who live here prefer to call it a place where “Texas history never left” as the town abounds with spooky stories of ghosts and the paranormal. The infamous John Wilkes Booth allegedly haunts the Granbury Opera House, a rumor explored by the Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab”. Nearby in the Langdon Center, visitors often spot the ghost of little Audrey Gordon who passed away at five years old. Meanwhile, the historic Hood County Jail Museum contains dozens of restless spirits. The Faceless Girl at Market on the Square likes to play games with employees by moving objects or appearing in photographs. Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tours feature all of these haunted locations and more. Their tours run year-round every Friday and Saturday evening at 7pm and 9:15pm. A tour guide dresses in period clothing while telling the local haunted tales of various locations. Because of the extent of paranormal activity, ghost hunters frequently visit Granbury in search of evidence of the paranormal. The Research and Investigation of the Paranormal Group, for example, has investigated and acquired evidence of ghostly activity at many locations within Granbury Square.
The group’s founder, Brandy Herr, wrote the book Haunted Granbury, containing more information on Granbury’s ghostly tales. The book includes personal stories of the author’s ghost hunting experiences, eyewitness accounts, as well as interviews with paranormal investigators. The Granbury Paranormal Expo formed in 2011 in response to a growing interest in Granbury’s paranormal occurrences. The group joins together ghost investigators, UFO experts, and other enthusiasts of the unexplained. 2016 marks the Expo’s fifth year and the largest event so far. For the first time, Granbury Paranormal Expo will take place as an outdoor street festival right in Granbury’s downtown square. Vendors will include sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and cosplay along with paranormal exhibitors. Alex Vincent will attend as a special celebrity guest, best known for his role as “Andy Barclay” in the hit Child’s Play films. The event will take place on October 1, 2016 just in time to kick-off the Halloween season. With so many reports of unexplained activity, Granbury makes the perfect destination for those who’d like to witness the paranormal. While exploring the town’s shops, restaurants, or historic cemetery, don’t discount the sudden cold chill you may experience. It may be one of Granbury’s former residents wishing to welcome you to the town. For more information on the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour, visit or like the Facebook page. For more information on the Granbury Paranormal Expo, visit or like the Facebook page.