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PAPS (Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society) is one of Arizona's premier teams formed in 1999 and registered with the state of Arizona in 2005. PAPS is dedicated to helping others gain peace of mind by helping to explain what is and is not paranormal through use of modern techniques and documented evidence acquired during investigations. Their mission is to capture both video and audio signatures of paranormal activity to prove the existence of life after death. PAPS hope to help those who experience paranormal activity and to distinguish between occurrences that are paranormal or those that have rational explanations. PAPS currently offer tours into several of the most haunted locations in Arizona. Their investigations are currently being recorded on the new DVD "Haunted Series, Arizona". The most haunted location their investigators ever visited was an old ranch dating back over 200 years. During the investigation, one member of the team was thrown to the floor. That same night, an unknown entity held down another member of the investigation team. The two left the team shortly thereafter. Along the way, PAPS has recorded photographic evidence of paranormal activity during their investigations. 3 years ago, a member of the team captured a thermal image (see below) of an apparition while investigating the basement of a local haunted museum.
Prior to taking the photo, the investigation team used a “Franks Box” to communicate with the spirit. A “Franks Box” or “Ghost Box” refers to a device which uses radio frequency to receive messages from ghosts. Using the device, the PAPS crew spoke with a spirit named Paul for close to 20 minutes. They then asked the spirit if they could take his picture. They caught the image of Paul using a FLIR (Fluke Thermal Camera), not knowing he stood in front of them the entire time.
PAPS took the second picture (above) while investigating a home in Peoria, Arizona. The haunting started when a couple living the home started watching the movie, Let Me In. Suddenly, a door flung open and extremely large hand prints formed on the mirrors throughout the entire house including the mirrored closets and bathroom mirrors. During the investigation, PAPS had a chance to photograph the hand prints. In an even creepier turn of events, a spirit took over the body of or possessed one of the female investigators. Later, the team discovered her hiding in the closet and acting strangely. A ministry cleansed the house that night to protect the residents form future hauntings. For more information about Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society, visit their website.