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Considered one of the most magical cities in Europe, Turin (Torino in Italian) sits between two rivers in Northern Italy. Turin has become the most famous city in Europe for its connection to devil worship as well as the practice of white magic. In fact, the city sits on the apex of two different triangles of magic, the “white magic triangle” and the “black magic triangle”. The intersections of these two forces form the good and evil sides of the city. Turin, along with San Francisco and London, comprises an ancient route for black magic, a reputation dating back to the Roman Empire. Walking throughout the Baroque-style city, visitors will often spot statues with devil-like faces looking down on them from building sconces. The city also forms a point on the white magic triangle, along with Lyon and Prague. Turin is home to the Shroud of Turin, a linen cloth with the image of a man bearing wounds resembling Christ after crucifixion. Given the legacy of Turin, it comes as no surprise that PATT (Paranormal Activity Team of Turin) would put together a team of paranormal investigators to explore both the dark and light supernatural occurrences throughout the city and its surrounding county of Piedmont. Thanks to the support of its members, PATT uses innovative technology to detect and validate the existence paranormal activity. Their investigations help those who experience unexplained and strange phenomena find answers. The team investigates public places including parks and cemeteries as well as private buildings and residences. During their investigations, they use different tools to try to communicate with the entities causing paranormal activity. On many occasions, their teams have succeeded in communicating with the spirits. In a place known throughout the world as an epicenter for black magic, PATT has also come across aggressive spirits. The photos below feature strange anomalies captured during PATT investigations:  

A strange orb caught during an investigation.


A series of orbs appear on a photo.

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