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While many may have only heard of the word exorcism in television or movies, members of The Order of St. Michael serve as professional specialists who are not only paranormal investigators, but real Exorcist Investigators. Their mission is to help people experiencing symptoms of demonic possessions or paranormal activity in a home including spirits, demons, hauntings, and possessions. The Order of St. Michael was established in 1980 by Archbishop Ron Feyl in Highland Park, California. He formed the organization when he began to receive a number of requests from people claiming symptoms of demonic possessions. The following year, the Church established a full-time ministry called the The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel - Order of Exorcists consisting of trained priests available in the role of exorcist. The Order of St. Michael is affiliated with 21 jurisdictions, 22 parishes, and 61 paranormal exorcist investigators. Their Catholic priests and bishops are available to perform the rite of exorcism and have experience performing hundreds of exorcisms with success. Exorcist Bishop Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph. D. of the Sacred Order of St. Michael the Archangel (Order of Exorcists) and Holy Imperial Russian Orthodox Church is the presiding bishop of the Holy Nicholean Catholic Church and an exorcist for the Atlanta division. In his lecture below, he discusses his work, the nature of demonic possession, and how the church handles authentic cases of demonic infestation.
If you or someone in your family feels that may be experiencing signs of demonic infestation in the Atlanta area, please use the contact form to arrange a private meeting.