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Tucsons Finest Paranormal is comprised of four dedicated members who pride themselves in quality service and professionalism. Their team tackles some of the most spiritually active locations in Arizona in search of evidence of the afterlife. Tucsons Finest helps those experiencing paranormal find some understanding of the phenomena by producing undeniable evidence related to actual paranormal events. In Tucson, Arizona, as well as many of the towns in southern Arizona, there are endless tales of murder and betrayal leading to the manifestation of paranormal entities. Tucsons Finest Paranormal attempts to harness the energy of these souls in a variety of ways. Taking the time to research the events and details surrounding each story helps to connect with the deceased that they are attempting to make contact with. Using an extensive knowledge and detailed case studies, in combination with specialized equipment, their team is able to provide shocking evidence for public viewing. Throughout their investigations, they have managed to capture photographic evidence of paranormal activity including the following:


Jerome Grand Hotel

On April 10th 2015, Tucson’s Finest investigated the Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona. The picture shown below was taken in the hallway during this investigation. Below is the full report of their investigation: “The investigation began around 10:30 PM in Room 30. The room was used as the Maternity Ward during its operation as a hospital. The bathroom area was an add-on and would have been originally an entrance into the surgical/delivery room. The adjoining room was 31.33 which the team lightly investigated. Then the Un-renovated Men’s and Women’s Wards were investigated. It was overall a very quiet night. However, we did yield some very interesting anomalies during a photography experiment attempting to replicate an image captured on the 3rd floor at around 1:05 PM. I also was doing a solo DVR session in the bathroom area of Room 30 at around 2:30 AM and witnessed what appeared to be knocking sounds not associated with the normal hotel noises heard through the night.”

Camp Lowell Park

On July 24, 2012,they investigated Camp Lowell Park in Tucson, Arizona. The picture taken in the hospital ruins is taken during this investigation. Below is an account from the investigation: "While asking direct questions, I captured a very distinct, bright orb within the hospital ruins. It had also been raining heavily earlier, knocking the airborne contaminants down to almost nothing and controlling the dust particles. I can’t call the picture paranormal, but it definitely caught my. I know my equipment very well. My camera is not very sensitive to environmental contamination.” For more information on Tucsons Finest Paranormal, please visit their website.