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Explore one of the most frighteningly haunted places in the entire world, Williamsburg, Virginia.

When the sun goes down, the creatures from beyond come out. Williamsburg Ghost Tour takes you on an otherworldly journey across the haunted lands of Williamsburg, VA. Are you brave enough to go on the Ultimate Ghost Tour? Can you handle a descent into the dark 300 year past of Colonial Williamsburg?

Take an active part in the investigation of paranormal activity by renting one of our EMF Detectors. Identify and discover ghosts throughout the tour. Discover what hides in the shadows of
Colonial Williamsburg. Great for adults and tons of fun for kids.

BE WARNED, this is not a tour to scare you with theatrics and tricks. Everything that happens on the Williamsburg Ghost Tour is 100% Real. Every tale is based on fact and painstaking research. Everything you hear is true and the strange things you may see and experience are not just a symptom of your imagination.

If you’re ready for a once in a lifetime haunted experience, Take our hour long 8PM or 9PM tour. For the true fans of the unknown, experience the 90-Minute late night Ultimate Ghost Tour.

Be prepared for a night you will never forget.

Learn the Haunted History of One of America’s Oldest Towns

In 350 years, Williamsburg has been a town of great mystery. The town saw men and women accused of being witches and devils; sacred grounds destroyed and ignored for centuries to come; years of suffering, death and violence from wars, slavery and murder and acts far too horrible to even mention.

Indian Burial Grounds:

Unruly spirits rumble beneath your every step in Colonial Williamsburg. Built on top of sacred Native American burial grounds, Williamsburg has experienced strange activity for hundreds of years. Only recently have these burial grounds been discovered and we still only know so much about them. Walk through the long-since unknown and desecrated sacred lands from centuries past and listen to the story of Williamsburg Witch Trials that occurred on the very grounds you walk.

Murder Stories:

Learn of some of Williamsburg’s most complex and intriguing horror stories. Were these murderers ever caught? What drove them to such insanity? Was it a crime of passion? Could it have been an act of evil? Perhaps it was a symptom of the haunted surroundings of the land.

War Tragedies:

Two wars of great change happened in Williamsburg that shaped it forever. The Revolutionary War, which earned America its right to become an independent nation was the first large scale battle to involve Williamsburg. The Civil War, which pitted brother against brother and father against son, laid waste to Williamsburg and left 4,000 dead across the very land our ghost tours take place. What untold stories came from these hard fought battles? There’s only one way to find out.


Hear Tales from Renowned Experts of Williamsburg Hauntings

Williamsburg Ghost Tour has conducted several interviews with former Colonial Williamsburg staff. Our researches have worked hard to craft the true stories you will hear on the ghost tour through the Colonial Williamsburg area and William and Mary, the second oldest college in the nation.

Our tales start in the Colonial era where we will tell you everything about the not so peaceful beginnings of Williamsburg. From intense conflict to false accusations, every story will leave you shocked with what happened in the very place you’re standing.

After the Colonial era, learn about the violent destructive turmoil that Williamsburg underwent during the Civil War where 4,000 men lost their lives during an intense battle with casualties on both sides. Do you know of the amputation pits filled to the brim with severed limbs or the mass graves strewn throughout Williamsburg?

But that isn’t all. Don’t think the strange tales of Williamsburg reside in only the past. We have several stories from the present that will leave you just as bewildered. The history of Williamsburg is a complex one filled with the unknown and the Williamsburg Ghost Tour is here to tell you every detail, even the ones that have been hidden away for centuries.

Be a Part of the Grandest Ghost Tour in All of Williamsburg

We’ve captured hauntings on video and became Williamsburg’s most engaging and informative ghost tour, featuring up to 18 ghost stories on location—more than any other tour—covering new locations every year and stories not heard elsewhere.

Our tour guides are licensed and registered with the City of Williamsburg.

It’s our goal to make sure you have fun and are entertained by our tales of haunted Williamsburg. Many of our guests witness strange phenomena on our tours, and we’re not just talking about strange “orbs” in photos. We include several locations at William and Mary and the Colonial Williamsburg area.

Please let us know how we can serve you and earn your company for the evening.

Enhance Your Ghost Tour for the Ultimate Haunted Experience!

  1. Don’t forget to add an Extended Tour to your order at checkout, which includes a Bonus Ghost Tour of
    William and Mary
    that takes you to 6 additional locations in the College of
    William and Mary, the second oldest College in the US, for only $5.
  2. Rent an EMF detector to help identify ghosts on your tour, only $6. Fun
    for adults and especially kids!
  3. Take home souvenirs, including postcards and the stuffed Williamsburg Ghosts to keep you
    company at night!

Join us tonight as we walk through the historic haunted streets of Williamsburg, Virginia on the Williamsburg Ghost Tour.


Our Williamsburg Ghost Tours


Williamsburg Ghost Tours
8pm and 9pm Nightly

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Discover the hidden secrets behind Williamsburg’s haunted history. In our hour long tour, learn the true reason behind the strange activity experienced by those who are brave enough to step foot in Williamsburg. Discover what happened during the early Colonial era of one of the oldest settlements in the nation. What did the first people of Williamsburg do to leave such an unnatural presence on the land for hundreds of years to come?

After hearing the story of Williamsburg in the Civil War, you will come to know why it has become one of the most haunted places in America. Perhaps you will see something extraordinary throughout the tour or – as many of our guests have done before – feel something that simply cannot be explained. Williamsburg Ghost Tour offers you chances to not only hear about the rich history of Williamsburg, but experience aspects of it that still linger to this day.

To the true ghost enthusiast, join the Extended Ghost Tour that takes you on a journey through the College of William and Mary Campus. The second oldest campus in the nation has countless tales behind it. Learn about them in this tour and discover what makes the College of William and Mary a go to place for ghost hunters everywhere.

Ultimate Ghost Tour: 10pm

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Get ready for 90 minutes of walking through the deserted unexplored streets of downtown that will send shivers down your spine. If the trip to the Public Gaol (Colonial Jail), doesn’t have you gasping in shock and awe through the stories you hear, then the trip to America’s very first insane asylum certainly will. Still, that is merely the beginning. Get ready to walk through the Jones Cemetery. If you’re expecting something paranormal to happen, the cemetery could give you much more than you bargained for.

Not for the faint of heart, this ghost tour is for those who truly want to take their historic haunted experience to another level. But be warned, most guests experience something paranormal on this tour, which means you better be prepared for anything to happen.