Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour Mobile App

Want to take more than 20 other ghost tours across the US? Want to take our tour on your own schedule, 24 / 7 /364? Get ghost tours on and a lot more. Download our GPS audio guided tour mobile application on your Apple or Android smartphone from and listen to your host take you through more than 25 locations in the area in nearly one hour of audio. The mobile ghost tour features more locations than the walking ghost tour, including many locations not covered on our walking Williamsburg ghost tour, and can be taken from anywhere!

Reviews: Ghost tours on

“I must say, what an absolute treat to have been able to do ghost tours on It really did end our vacation really nicely. We had done the Williamsburg tour by day and was able to begin the ghost tour around 8pm. It was really beneficial to learn the history of the places and then go back and hear the tales that the typical Williamsburg day tours won’t tell you. We actually didn’t get into the Payton Randolph House during the day tour. We were so intrigued by the ghost story, that we went back the next day to take the day tour. Really neat. We also would have never have gone through the campus of William and Mary either if we wouldn’t have taken this tour. What a gorgeous history campus and it was really interesting doing the Tyler Garden experiment. I have a feeling not many people, other than students, know about that trick.”

“The GPS on the phone coordinated perfectly with the ghost tours on I loved how even as you passed a location it would automatically start playing. Having the photos of the places were also a huge help too. Makes finding the spots in the night so much easier. There were some sound effects that were in a few of the locations which was a nice touch. We listened through shared headphones which worked great but the phone also didn’t have any issues playing through the speakers.”

“I took my phone on a full charge on Williamsburg ghost tours on and was able to visit about all of the locations but three. We did not go to the Public Hospital, Dora-Armistead house, Matthew Whaley and PBK hall. Simply because we had been walking all day and these were a bit outside the general walk of Williamsburg. However, I have listened to them since then. A full charged phone would have definitely supported touring the full 26 sites. ”