The Best Tour Guides for Ghost Walks in Williamsburg Va

  • Annie


    Annie is a senior here at the College of William and Mary, where she studies Biology, Political Science, and Post-Soviet Studies. She is hoping to pursue a career in infectious disease once she graduates in the spring. She enjoys long walks through the cemetery, deep conversations about paranormal activity, and regaling guests with the ghost stories of Colonial Williamsburg.

  • Corey


    Coming from the oldest family in Virginia, Corey is no stranger to colonial history. Applying his love for history and theatricality in his tours allows him to almost effortlessly take people back in time to the darker spots of Williamsburg history. Corey is currently in school for cyber security with a minor in education.

  • Kevin


    Spending almost all of his childhood and teenage years in Williamsburg, Kevin has walked the streets of Colonial Williamsburg countless times. Currently an information systems student and Army Veteran, Kevin enjoys spending his free time traveling, reading and hunting down the spirits that inhabit this historic city!

  • Michele


    Michele has always loved ghost stories and is fascinated with the paranormal.  Her love of Williamsburg and her friendly personality makes her guests feel at ease as they walk the haunts of Williamsburg.  Michele always hopes her guests can feel that supernatural feelings when they are on her tour just like she does!

  • Adam


    Adam truly loves giving tours. As an electronics engineering major he loves to try and explain the strange things that happen on the tour with science. However sometimes there are no explanations for the creepy things that happen. He can’t believe he actually gets paid to do his two favorite things in the world, talking and scaring.  When Adam isn’t giving tours he can often be seen walking around the streets of colonial Williamsburg late at night, some even say he’s a ghost himself…