About Williamsburg Ghosts

So, what makes Williamsburg Ghosts different from the other ghost walks of Williamsburg? We’ve been in the industry for quite a while and received tons of accolades and praise as being one of the top rated ghost tours in the area.

The Value: Our historic ghost walk of Williamsburg goes to more locations than any other ghost tour in town. Our standard tour is 90 minutes long compared with 60 minutes from the competition, and we tell stories that others do not!

We go deep into exploring the ghost stories of the College of William and Mary, the first University in the US. Don’t expect a simple walk in Williamsburg, when going on our ghost tour there is a good chance that you will experience a presence or activity unlike anything you’ve felt before.

The Quality. We are ranked in the Top 10 Best Ghost Tours in the US by US City Traveler in 2014 for Williamsburg and Virginia and are the recipient of the Best of Williamsburg Award 2015 Sightseeing Tour Agency [Read More]. Williamsburg Ghosts has great reviews on Trip Advisor.

The Authentic Experience: We’re not theatrical. Our stories are based off of interviews we’ve conducted and approved. We have gone to experts and delved deep into the unknown history of Williamsburg. There are tales you will hear from us that you may not find anywhere else. We also offer a new way to experience Williamsburg with our interactive, GPS-guided mobile ghost tour of Williamsburg for those whose tours were canceled by rain, or for those that want to take a tour privately, or on their own schedule.

The History: When we take you through Williamsburg, we are taking you through centuries of rich history filled with conflict, betrayal and war. These haunted areas exist for a reason. Through the tales you will hear from us, you will definitely understand what makes Williamsburg so unique. The sacred Indian burial grounds will leave you curious, the historic William and Mary College will leave you intrigued and the journey through Colonial Williamsburg may leave you questioning whether or not you’ve just witnessed something otherworldly.

We don’t over embellish stories, and we don’t talk about capturing orbs in photos as ghosts. We take a matter of fact, no nonsense approach throughout the city, with interviews from eyewitnesses of real hauntings. We don’t focus on history unless it relates to the story.

The Unknown: What makes an area haunted? What causes a spirit to remain in a place for so long? Was it the cruel acts of someone done in the past or could it have been the cause of the town’s very existence? There are many strange happenings that occur on the Williamsburg Ghost Tour, which we simply cannot explain.

 We cannot say enough that these places are truly haunted. We have eyewitnesses of hauntings and experienced activity that we couldn’t even begin to describe. This is a journey not for everyone, but for the truly curious and the exceptionally brave, our ghost tour is something you don’t want to miss.

The FEAR: Williamsburg Ghosts historic ghost walk of Williamsburg is not designed for everybody! It’s designed by adults for adults.  Kids enjoy the tour, but we do not let them attend for free, and we do not water it down because of children.

We can’t stress enough that some kids get really scared. In fact, many of our adults get scared as well. While we take you through Colonial Williamsburg we want you to have an experience you will never forget, but that experience can go much further than you could ever imagine. That just means we’re doing our job right! We do offer special child-themed private tours.

Quality is important to us. If you didn't enjoy your experience or your tour guide, please contact us here and tell us how we can improve.

We go on ghost tours to have fun and to be entertained. We listen to the intriguing and spooky tales of the area around us. We explore a part of the world that has seen untold tales of woe, mystery and intrigue and we journey deep into the vast unknown.

We don’t carry lanterns and we don’t dress up. To be honest, we don’t need to. What can happen on Williamsburg Ghost Tour is something that no costume or camera tricks could possibly compare.

We have fun doing what we do, and we want you to join us on a Williamsburg Ghost Tour that will give you an experience you will most certainly not soon forget!

Our Historic Ghost Walk of Williamsburg Tour Guides

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  • Corey
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