Chownings Tavern Haunting Pt 1

The following is a transcript of the video regarding the experience of two security officers outside the Chownings Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg.

Chuck: Chowning’s Taverm one to start off. We were actually

Chris: We were actually…

Chuck: At the Randolph House.

Chris: Yeah, at the Randolph House.

Chuck: Because we were listening to the colorful CW version of the story with the security officer that worked there. Afterwards getting in, we were talking to a couple people and they were going how much of that is true? Chris goes ask him, he worked here. Told him what actually happened with the officer that took place and also shared with them the one with the fire extinguisher that took place in the adjacent building.

People going looking at us at first like yeah, I actually know this stuff actually happened. I said okay, so a couple gone and took pictures. Chris was talking to them; I guess couple of them seen reflections or something in the windows.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: But we decided to Queen Street, if you’re looking at the back side of Chowning’s Tavern, the road to the left. We’re going up there and we’re talking, and we hear sounded like four or five guys and a female. They’re laughing and carrying on. I didn’t think nothing of it. Then Chris saw, was looking in the back courtyard, you know back behind Chownings Tavern. Nobody was there. We keep getting closer to back to Dog Street and it goes from laughing, goes to a little bit more sound of aggressive sound. To the female, of the point where she’s almost in distress. I mean I’m actually, we’re literally waiting for somebody to yell help.

That night was off duty. Had my duty weapon with me and my badge. I carry it at all times, carry both together. Chris saw me do something I’ve never done before and never done since, and that was expose the badge and literally had my hand ready to go on my sidearm. He had the phone out and was ready to call 911 because we honestly thought a girl was getting assaulted. We come around the corner, nobody’s there.

Chris: Not a soul.

Chuck: See a car up in front of the court house. It couldn’t have been that car because it was too far away. We go up around the edge and we look at each other, and there’s not a soul there. It goes from happiness again to almost borderline distress to quiet. We’re standing there looking at the field toward the Peyton Randolph House. Nobody there; nobody in the area. Probably about five seconds later we see people coming down Nicholson Street. Naa, that couldn’t be them; there’s only two people and it was too far away. I have no idea to this day what, who or where it was except we chased voices without no bodies.

Chris: Yeah, it was actually funny. We went through every scenario it could be. Maybe kids, but unless you’re running like, what? How many yards is that? Close to 150 yards

Chuck: Yeah, I don’t think Usain Bolt could have run that.

Chris: Literally point five to a second, you’re not going to do that. Ain’t nobody around.

Chuck: And Chowning’s Tavern was closed for the night. Unless you’re Usain Bolt from Jamaica you ain’t gonna run that fast. I mean it was that quick, I mean to say that was unnerving, even when I worked there security, never had anything like that to the point that I thought that somebody was actually, possibly, could be getting assaulted. It was enough there if you had a dollar there you would be thinking like oh my god, I need to protect her. It was that bad. But to go from happy again to major distress sounds and then stop in a matter of under five seconds, I literally have no explanation as to what we witnessed or what happened.

Chris: The thing that I thought was fascinating was it was clear as a bell, it wasn’t muffled at all. It was like actually, really happening. So yeah, I won’t ever forget that night.

Chuck: Then when I told my wife, she goes for you to put your hand on or near your weapon, she goes I’ve never seen you do that in all the years we’ve been together and all the jobs you’ve had, even consider having to do that. I’m going I can only say thank God I did not have to do anything further than that, but at the same time to experience something like that was not something I want to have to experience any time in the near future. But the walk, you know we go around that corner and you’re looking at open field and nobody. I would say it’s probably 1Chuck:30-1Chuck:45 at night and pardon the pun it was like the proverbial ghost town at that time. Nothing was out except for the couple of people come and walking down from the other side of the street, but like Chris said about 150 yards away. Not normal.

Chris: It was neat though. Go out there and wow. That may have been a ghost.

Chuck: Kinda makes me wonder what happened in that area. Could have been documented that what did happen or could have happened that we don’t know?